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Dark Angels Book 010119606 Master of ravenwing open book. Good for vehicles and flat surfaces

IG Books 139903001 2 Inquisitor scale IG books. Not that big, but too thick for a marine to grasp. Comes with a nice skull.

Inquisitor book 010701202 40k scale small book… comes with hand attached

Sigmarite Priest Book {added by TEC} 110202802 a skull to either side

Sister Tome and Whip Sprue {added by TEC} 110204103 looks worn and frayed a perfect for Templars

Tzar Boris Back Banner (and shield) Sprue {added by TEC} 020212403 another one fit for one the great champion crusaders of the Emperor

Empire Steam Tank Scrolls {added by TEC} 020211725 make good devotionaly parchment for your vehicles and/or dreadnaughts

Black Coach Brazier {added by TEC} 020706809 if you've seen the Word Bearers Converted chaplains I can only imagin how good it would work with the templars

Empire Greatsword Banner arm {added by TEC} 020211404 it speaks to me... "templar banner!"

High Elf Phoenix Guard Standard {added by TEC} 021010003 it also speakes to me... "company banner!"... it must be a conspiracy!

Mordheim pit fighter King Icon {added by TEC} 119901112 (laurel wreath skull) would look good on most things templar

Dark Elf Cauldron Candles 1 {added by TEC} 021204107 add them to the bases of some of your models and/or the vehicles and dreadnaughts as they definitaly add to the devotionaly theme

Quovandius Backbanner {added by TEC} 139900911 really an excelent back banner... "Repent!"

Storm Shield 010104305 As we know and love it

Plastic Sprue: Empire Soldiers Regiment Shields 99360299003 5 shields and 5 maltese cross emblems for incredibly cheap. Order a truckload today.

Classic Empire General's Shield 020204603 Cool WHFB shield with crux and studs

Terminator Shield 010101709 Great for forearms on power armoured marines

Archive Odo d'Outremer's Shield 020304302 WHFB shield with maltese cross

Empire Knightly Order (Shield) Sprue {added by TEC} 99360202001 half of them are exceptional... great when paired off with power weapon or power fist weilding assult marine

Fighter Shields (sprue) {added by TEC} 99369999003 (plain) storm shields

Tyrus Shields {added by TEC} 139901112 has a great shield with the Imperial eagle one it

Emperor's Champion Sword Arm 010123602 mmmm… the black sword

Ezekiel Force Sword 010102302 Two hand grip

Asmodai Power Sword Arm 010102202 With nice shoulder pad

Captain Stern Power sword 010701401 Comes with target shield

Inquisitor Covenant's Left Arm and Sword 139900106 When size matters!!!

Inquisitor sword 010701206 From the new 40k range… arcane looking

Master of the ravenwing Power Sword arm 010119602 EC like pose… smaller sword

Ravenwing Sergeant Power Sword 010119304 Gladius like

Space Marine Power Sword Arm 010115906 Oldschool, with purity seal on the hand

Terminator Captain Power Sword 010111102 Another big'un

Archive Grey Knight Terminator Nemesis Force Sword 70243-11 (does not work as search criteria) The classic large sword

Obliterator Blade Sprue 010207509 Great for neophyte ccw variations

Terminator Thunderhammer Arm {Added by DEM} 010104303 just in case you want a techie hammer.

Luthor Huss Hammer {Added by DEM} 020211502 Gotta file down the extra hand.

Raptor Lightning Claws {Added by DEM} 010207101 010207107 Unfortunately gotta buy the whole Raptor Champion, but you get 2 really sweet lightning claws. Need a file and some metal clippers.

Chaos Terminator Power Mace 010200220 Techy

Chaos Ogre Champion Mace 020115212 big and spiky

Mace of Valaan 010801102 Very ornate, looks mastercrafted

Night Lord Hero Power Fist {added by TEC} 010208201 just file off the night lord emblem and you get an intimidating right handed power fist

Inquisitor Force Axe 1 {added by TEC} 139905003 double bladed and all ready has the look of a power weapon

Tomb Kings Casket of Souls Guard Swords {added by TEC} 020711609 these also make excellent power weapons for assult marines

Soldier Leader Sword Arm {added by TEC} 020205802 it just somehow fits...

Mage 1 {added by TEC} ? (pending) another fine example of a power sword

Dragon Prince Body 2 {added by TEC} 021001305 cut just below the jewl and you have a good sword blade

Wardancer Champion {added by TEC} 079901501 two potentional power swords one model... what a bargan

Ostlander 9 {added by TEC} 110203303 look at the sword on this guy

Tzar Boris Weapon/Hat Sprue {added by TEC} 020212402 the weapon here as with most of the others would easily go with either an assult oriented hero (meaning jump pack equiped) or power weapon marine

Phoenix Guard Halberd {added by TEC} 021010506 cut just above or below the jewl and put it on a assult marine

Korhil Axe {added by TEC} 021004702 as it is a double bladed axe I was thinking of somehow getting a Templar cross on the haft where the blades meet so that it might resemble Wolframs' Cozius Arcanum from Crusade For Armageddon

Orc warboss on Wyvern Boss Axe {added by TEC} 020911902 its a double headed axe so just file off the orc engravings and find a shaft that doesn't have a orc hand attached to it and your set

Grimgor Axe {added by TEC} 020912102 attach the double bladed head onto a new shaft and whola!

Dwarf Regiment Command Sprue {added by TEC} 99380205002 Axes, axes, axes, I wonder what you coud do wiht all these axes?

Karl Franz Weapon Sprue {added by TEC} 020213002 these have Templar writen all over them (or will after your done with them... )

Space Marine with Assault Weapons Meltagun 010119201 expensive

Raptor Assault Weapon Sprue 010207106 1 of each - cheap!

Space Marine Plasma Gun 010117704 expensive

Obliterator Gun Sprue 010207508 Convert your own using these muzzles - cheap

Plastic Sprue: Space Marine Assault Marine 99380101010 Running legs, helmets and grenades

Space Marine Special Accessory 99380101007 MK8 armor, angry head, bp/ccw arms, flamer, rocket launcher arms. IMHO a bitzbox must!

Plastic Sprue: Space Marine Space Wolves Accessory 99380101012 2x power weapon, 1x powerfist, 4x bare heads, meltagun

Chaos Space Marines Sprue {Added by DEM} 99380102004 Good helmets. Need a file.

Chaos Space Marine Accessory Sprue {Added by DEM} 99380102005 Sweet plasma pistol, right handed powerfist, heavy bolter, etc.

Sprue: Multipiece Khorne Berzerkers {Added by BBS, DEM & IJTI} 99380102001 Running legs, some cool helmets and shoulder pads. Just need a file.

Chaos Tank Accessory Sprue {Added by DEM} 99390102001 Spikify your tank!

Chaos Marauder Sprue B {added by TEC} 99380201011 the conversions you can do with theses bits? Endless...

Empire Knights Sprue {added by TEC} 99380202003 lurals, a bearded head, a sword or two its not too bad...

Knights of the White Wolf Sprue {added by TEC} 99381102002 hammers, hammers, hammers, and a few bearded heads... perfect!

Chaplain Equipment Sprue 010107601 Chappie helm without the chappie

Deathwatch Marine Head Sprue DWHEADS Bare head and helmet, both with bionic eye.

Iron Warriors Head 4 010206708 Knightly helmet

Chaos Havoc Torso 1 {added by TEC} 010207401 bionic eye helps give that scavenged look for thoes crusades fare from friendly space

Chaos Havoc Head 2 {added by TEC} 010207405 same as above cept no bionic eye

Slaanesh Lord Head {added by TEC} 020113901 another geat knighly helm once you compleetly remove the mohawk thing

Chaos Biker Champion Head {added by TEC} 010205901 just remove the horns

Space Marine Biker Body with Plasma Gun 010105602 Exuding coolness, needs legs

Space Marine Biker Body with Melta-Gun 010105603 Same as above

Archive Devastator Body 1 010100903 Chunky legs, targetter helmet.

Iron Warriors Torso 010206704 Conan in power armor

Black Templars Backpack 010199903 The pride of the Legion

Kharn Backpack {added by TEC} 010201404 the skulls its all about the skulls

Space Marine Sergeant Biker {added by TEC} 010105601 makes for a great assult marine

Collector Space Marine MK2 Crusade Armor 3 {added by TEC} 70106-45 (does not work as search criteria) fits the old pious look... fitting as the templars are of the second founding

Collector Space Marine Mk4 Maximus Armor 3 {added by TEC} 70106-47 (Does not Work as search criteria) see above

Collector Space Marine Mk5 Heresy Armor 2 {added by TEC} 70106-46 see above

Mk6 Space Marine 1 {added by TEC} 010103348 see above

Death Company Body 1 {added by TEC} 010115901 just File off the blood drop I like the running look

Death Company Body 4 {added by TEC} 010115904 no need to file anything off prefect as is

Death Company Body 5 {added by TEC} 010115905 see above

Chaos Raptor Plasma Pistol Arm {added by TEC} 010207109 no assembly required

Crom Head & Sword Sprue {added by TEC} 020114501 remove the horns form the helmet and you've got a great knightly helm and you can easlily convert the sword for your uses

Champion of Chaos Sprue {added by TEC} 020112702 what you can do for Crom you can do here too instead of a sword you got two axe's

Black Templars Shoulder Pad 1 010120201 Without scroll

Black Templars Shoulder Pad 2 010120202 With scroll

Chaos Space Marine Shoulder Pad 16 010202025 Tiny skulls

Chaos Space Marine Shoulder Pad 17 010202029 Pad in shape of skull. Maybe Chappie insignia?

Death Company Shoulder Pad 1 010115907 Skull insignia, perfect for chappie

Death Company Shoulder Pad 8 010115914 Same as above, slightly different style

Legion of the Damned Shoulder Pad 7 010109622 See above

Terminator Honors Shoulder Pad TERM HONOURS For sword brothers or heroes

Archive Assault Squad Shoulder Pad 3 ASSAULT 3 (does not work as search criteria) Possible sword brother insignia

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