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Faith And Fire

Black Library (28. März 2006)

This is an awesome new series of novels featuring the fanatical female warriors of the Adepta Sororitas. When a dangerous psychic terrorist escapes from their custody, the Sisters of Battle not only have to hunt down and recapture him, but also need to restore their honour in the eyes of their superiors. Armed with determination, faith and the best training and weaponry the Imperium has to offer, the Sisters will let nothing and nobody stand in their way.


Grey Knights

Black Library (Juni 2004)

There are times when the scale of a daemonic infestation is such that even the most formidable and righteous Inquisitors need to call upon aid to triumph. High speed action and adventure with the elite Grey Knights as they struggle to banish the powerful daemin Ghargatuloth before time runs out and the creature is free to rampage aroung the universe! Ben Counter's lates foray into the war-torn far future is packed with white hot action featuring the superhuman daemonhunters - the Grey Knights. From the epic clash between man and infernal daemon to the dark horrors of Chaos, Ben Counter hits the target on every level!

Dark Adeptus

Black Library (12. Januar 2006)

The sequel to Ben Counter's massively popular "Grey Knights" brings back Captain Alaric and his brothers in an all-new adventure. When a planet that vanished a hundred years earlier mysteriously reappears, the Grey Knights are sent down to investigate whether it has been corrupted by Chaos. Packed with fast-paced action, "Dark Adeptus" pits the brave Grey Knights daemon hunters against the servants of darkness.


Warrior Brood

Black Library (27. September 2005)

The world of Herodian IV is doomed when the nightmarish tyranid hive fleets descend from the depths of space, intent on devouring every living thing on the planet. In the vital hours before the planet is lost, Inquisitor Kalypsia and a team of Deathwatch Space Marines are sent on a mission to investigate a vital research outpost. The terrible secret they uncover could spell a fate worse than death for Kalypsia and her warriors - maybe even for the whole of humanity, but can they escape to safety before they are torn apart by the ravenous alien hordes?

Warrior Coven

Black Library (6. Juni 2006)

There is full-on Space Marine action in the amazing sequel to "Warrior Brood"! The iconic Space Marines blast into action with all guns blazing in CS Goto's latest novel. The sequel to "Warrior Brood" explores the Deathwatch Space Marines and their remit to hunt down the foul alien creatures that besiege mankind from all fronts. Warrior Coven sees the Deathwatch being forced to ally with those they have sworn to destroy. Can they hold their fanatical hatred in check to prevent a bigger evil from entering the universe? This action-packed novel from the author of "Dawn of War" brings the grim darkness of the far-future to life in an epic SF tale with an explosive climax.

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